Polat Yarışçı

Polat Yarışçı is an amazing Concept Artist and Motion Designer from Istanbul, Turkey. When he posted his render of this incredibly realistic flower, I had to add him as an Inspiring Artist and Wave maker in the world of 3D Art.

How Polat made the flower:

It was done in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane. A lot of spline projection and hair sculpting. For material he used some scattering mediums and texturing. Light is the key. Used only one HDRI.


1. Created the main models. One is the top flower and other is the pedicel.
2. Created a lot of random splines. And use spline projection onto the main models. After creating the projected splines he changed the splines points and used the sweep tool (actual geometry for the scattering medium). That process took awhile.
3. Created a lot of hairs and adjust them with the classic hair tools (you know, brush clump etc.)
4- All materials are scattering medium. That`s why render took so long.
5- A good HDRI (16k resolution is very good). He found one in this site: https://hdrihaven.com/
6- He used an octane camera with a very high focal length for the final shot (135mm) and of course very minimum F-stop (0.0025).
7- And a lot of adjustments for everything back and forth.
8- He only used the octane camera imager settings and a custom LUT for the final look.
9- and that`s it.

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