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Video Editing

Let the MindWave Team edit your videos that you film yourself for you.

  • We edit 1 of your short 1 to 5 minute Youtube video
  • You post it yourself to your sites.
  • You do your own captions
  • Billed Once
Cancel anytime
  • We edit 4 of your short 1 to 5 minute Youtube videos/month
  • You post them yourself to your sites
  • You do your own captions
Cancel anytime

Upload your essays and relax.
We help with everything.
Cancel anytime.

Format Unlimited Papers
Cancel Anytime
  • We edit 4 of your short 1 to 5 minute Youtube videos/month
  • We post them for you to all social sites.
  • Captions are included with Premium.
Cancel anytime

Benefits of Editing done for You

Partnering with MindWave Studios to edit Social media videos for your business saves you a lot of time and stress. Editing a 1 to 5 minute Youtube video can take you anywere from 1 to 3 hours for each video depending on how much editing is needed. If you do 4 Youtube videos/month, that's up to 12 hours of editing you're doing. What would you do if you had an extra 12 hours each month? It's an extra day to be with family, do your passions and focus on the things that increase your income. Also posting your videos to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can take around 20 minutes for each site so if you want to increase your reach and post to all the sites, that's another 1 hour and 40 minute PER video, so if you're posting 4 videos/month, that's 400 minutes or over 6 and a half hours/month posting your videos which could be time spent on other things that are important to you.
If you're interested in automating your video content for your business and growing your business, click "Launch me" and we can get started.
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Free Download

Thumbnail image of bathroom that is an Adobe After Effects Product VHS look Template to make your videos look like 80s vhs tape with the noise if you open it in Adobe after effects, it's a free download, just put your email where it says "Your Email" and click Download Now button below

Download this FREE 80's VHS After Effects template to make your videos look old school.

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