How to get Siri to find my business?

To help your business rank well in local search, I will need you to claim your local business at the 7 main sites online for search. I can't do it for you, because it has to be in your name when you register your information.

Make an Apple ID first if you don't have one already, just so you know, your Apple ID is your email you enter... then go to Apple's Map Connect to add your business. You can follow steps here. I tried adding my MindWave Business to the Apple Map, but I wasn't able to because I don't have a Business sign outside our home where my home business is located. If you're not able to add your business to the Apple Map, you can email Apple here

They will ask for you to attach an image of your business that has your business sign in front.

Make sure to claim your local business listings here:

This information comes from WebSolutions, make sure to check out their great advice for improving your ranking in search. Don't be shy to ask your Customers after you serviced them to rate your business in the various rating sites, it helps you get found and is great social proof & motivator for future customers. I got this information thanx to my Client Chris who shared with me the article. Thank you Chris! That's what it's all about, sharing the knowledge we all have. =)