"PotHoles" is the Action packed and emotionally charged Comedy-Drama Feature Film of Three stoners, Gina, Johny and the Captain, from Pothole-infested, Edmonton,Alberta; Three Pothead friends, played by Award winning Actress Tina Lameman, Actor/Comedian Howie Miller & Actor Jonathan R. Holeton, who start to realize that Good health, Good thoughts and Good friends are more important than good weed. Script in development. Click here for Official Website. シ



Stoner friends, the Feisty Gina and the all American, Pushover, Johny run out of Weed so they get more from Gina's Pot dealer, the Captain, who mentions to them a special secret about his weed.

Gina, who has become Johny's best friend, tells Johny she has just been diagnosed with Cancer... this scares Johny who doesn't want to lose another good friend, another family member, so he avoids her and ends up on the dark side of the drug world, where he meets Hollywood and his crony Crack-head Jack. Johny doesn't realize these two are nothing more than Antagonists who end up stealing The Captain's special Pot Plants after Johny jokingly talked to them about what The Captain told him about the Weed. The Captain is devastated and tells Johny that his special Weed could cure Gina. They attempt to steal back the special Pot Plants so they can save their Friend Gina.

They finally get the Plants back but Hollywood and Crack-head Jack end up kidnapping Johny so Biker friends of Gina save Johny because like Gina says "Ohana" means Family and Family means Nobody gets left behind or forgotten.