Bonnyville & St.Paul Alberta Coproduction

"Predict This" is a Coproduction between Chris Cowden of Kinosoo Films in Bonnyville and Jonathan Holeton of MindWave Studios in St.Paul, Alberta. Chris wrote and directed/produced, edited and did most of the VFX as well as was one of the Lead Actors. Jonathan was one of the Lead Actors and helped with VFX. It played at the Edmonton Short Film Festival and won Best Comedy. It is available to rent or purchase of Amazon. Chris is a Filmmaker and Teacher of Multimedia in Bonnyville who's latest film is "Sweet Oil" and producing his next comedy film "Ball Droppers". Jonathan is a Video Marketer in St.Paul, Alberta, as well asn Actor and Artist specializing in Motion graphics and VFX.

If you love action, if you love comedy, if you love comedy action or action comedy and you feel you know what will happen... Then you NEED to "Predict This!"