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Innovations in Multimedia

Deepmotion Animate 3d

Kevin He and his team created DeepMotion where they have the following products:
- Animate 3D
Real-Time Body Tracking
Virtual Reality Tracking
Motion Brain

When I heard of Metaverse, I had an idea of having movies play in the Metaverse, not just on a big screen but in a more interactive way which I call 360D Interactive Movies or 3D60 Interactive Movies where it's AR movies you experience in your real physical environment. You can use a cell phone to see the AR Actors or AR Glasses or AR contact lenses. I want to play around with Deepmotion to see if it's what's needed for AR Interactive Cinema. The experience will be seeing 3D/360 video of real actors inside your physical environment in AR, not just 3D animated characters, but real 360D video of real life actors.

Google Street View Studio

Hire Jonathan to bring his 360 video camera to your business and film 360 video of the exterior of your workplace that he will upload, and place on Google Street View.

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Thumbnail image of bathroom that is an Adobe After Effects Product VHS look Template to make your videos look like 80s vhs tape with the noise if you open it in Adobe after effects, it's a free download, just put your email where it says "Your Email" and click Download Now button below

Download this FREE 80's VHS After Effects template to make your videos look old school.

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