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The 4 Windows of Movie Distribution

Windows is a term used to describe periods of time a certain type of media is allowed to screen your film. Traditionally, a feature film is first released in theatres, then on DVD and pay-per-view/video-on-demand (VOD) and finally, on broadcast TV.


Take your videos to the next level with music your viewers will actually know.

CD & DVD Duplication & Replication

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We direct Music videos - Treatment database

A place to learn how directors share their visions for music videos with artists and labels.

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The most User-Friendly 3D Scanning App! Works on iOs & Android.

• Scanning is super-fast and done in real-time on your device, no waiting time! even in 4K!

• Includes AR View, so you can beam your 3D models back into the real world! And even magically animate them automatically!

•Scanning is super easy, just place your object in the middle of the mat and our AR dome will guide you through the scanning process.

LEARN from Sundance

Online learning experiences for creators seeking to take their craft to the next level on Sundance's Collab learning site, click HERE to make a profile.


Flowframes is a simple but powerful app that utilizes advanced AI frameworks to interpolate videos in order to increase their framerate in the most natural looking way possible.

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Create studio-quality videos, in minutes

Thousands of business use Synthesia STUDIO to create training videos, product explainers or sales pitches — saving up to 90% of their time and budget.


Tongal is for brands to get creative work done and for Creators to find creative work. Creative Creator Community members are notified when briefs go live and pitch businesses their creative vision — submitting treatments, storyboards, past work, pitch videos and more. Above is an affiliate link, so if you book a gig because of my invitation to Tongal, I get paid a bit, and you get paid for your work.

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Where we make the news

Storyful Video makes it easier than ever before for newsrooms, agencies, publishers and production houses to buy user-generated content from our vast video library. From breaking news to viral videos, Storyful updates its industry-leading exclusive archive of almost 17,000 verified licensed videos daily.