MindWave Studios is a Video Marketing Agency run by Jonathan R. Holeton to help you make Social Media Video Ads for your Business and Brand with the help of Video Producers and Marketers to bring in more Customers and Clients for your Business.

It has started in the basement of our home but my dream is to have it as a full studio employing many of my talented friends. I work with any budget, from Individuals to big Businesses and collaborate with Video Production companies that need VFX Post Production. I share How-tos and tutorials on Creative Software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Software. My goal & purpose is to also motivate and inspire those struggling financially and who are on Government assistance to work from home and do Digital Marketing like me. That's what the MindWave movement is about, using your Web Surfing abilities and your Mind to help yourself and your family grow.

after you fill out my form below, I go over it to get a better idea of your business, services & products and find out your Unique Selling Propostion, which describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customers' needs and what distinguishes you from competition. If we're a good match, I'll email you to set up a meeting so we can create a Marketing & Promotional Strategy for your business. If you sign up with MindWave I will either film your marketing and promotional videos myself or hire a team to help with the videos depending on your budget.

You're the Hero in your Business’ story... it's my job as a Video Strategist/Marketer to help you realize your full potential as a Business owner so you can help even more people than you are now. I will help you save time through Videos which will automate people learning about your business, services and products. It also helps them get more comfortable with you. Videos save you TIME,  help you sell (video is a 24/7 365 day Sales person) and help you build relationships.

  • Hybrid Testimonial Videos: Testimonial video where your Customer talks about their business for first 30 seconds of the video and then they talk about how grateful they are for your Business’s services and products, how your Business has helped them succeed.

  • Team Bios: Team Bio videos of your Company Team will help leads feel like they know you all and they will feel more comfortable approaching you for your services and/or products.

  • Training Videos: Training videos automatically trains new Employees, which will save you hours of your time, giving you more time to build and grow your business.

  • Video Ad/Commercial: Video ads posted to social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube, with the videos being Targeted to your Ideal Customers help bring them into the world of your business where we can capture their emails and retarget them with product sales using Facebook Pixel and Google Pixel.


As a Result of Video Marketing people have Mind-blowing increase in sales


As a Result of what we do, we put you on the map


As a Result of what we do, people remember you.


I'm looking for people who want to be remembered...


Know anyone looking for that?

It Is The Deal... The Offer... The Proposition You Are Making That Is The Heart And Soul Of Great Copywriting!
— Gary C. Halbert

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  • Jonathan is a super talented and amazing person! Quick turn around time and goes over and beyond what you ask for. Extremely professional. Highly recommended!!
    — Dianne Mahoney
  • MindWave is really cool... I got the exact design needs for my work!
    — Rukmesh Rakesh Patrudu
  • Great overall service for VFX, we thought we were screwed for an effects shot but Mindwave Studios saved us. Thank you Jonathan!
    — Matthew Chung
  • Just sent in my first ever casting audition in! Wouldn't have been as perfect without Jonathon Holeton and his amazing recording and editing skills! So entirely pleased!
    — Danielle Krevenky
  • John is amazing fx guy ! Very helpful on making your creation come true . I have used John many times for my projects . Always hits the mark on time. Thanks Jon.
    — Ryan Nash (Farm Boy Reef)
  • Jonathan from MindWave Studios is friendly, professional and got the work done on time at a quality I was extremely pleased with! I'd recommend him for sure!
    — Brandon Rhiness

Everything we do is to help you grow.

Click on the setting sun to tell me more about your business. Every video & marketing we do for you, 5% of it goes to great causes we both believe in.