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A LUnchBox/MindWave Studios Film

MindWave Studios LTD.

MindWave Studios Ltd is a Canadian motion picture production & digital marketing agency established in 2001 by
CEO Jonathan R. Holeton.  MindWave Studios is currently developing their short and feature film POTHOLES, which follows the lives of 3 stoner friends dealing with their problems/potholes by smoking magical 80s space weed but their good luck turns bad when Captain's space weed gets stolen by a bad guy named Hollywood and his side kick Cracker Jack.


Beyond storytelling, MindWave Studios’ mission is to free the minds of audiences from the chains of ignorance. From the very start, we set out on a mission to produce timeless stories that paint light upon the darkness. We seek to produce films that inspire all to be their best selves.

Current Projects

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