Anna's Goodbye VFX

Some VFX shots I helped with for Ken Fast's short film "Anna's GoodBye". My good friend Eric Spoeth was the Assistant Director and the cast and crew were their Film Students at Living Water College. Watch the full film HERE.

The Crate VFX

Some VFX i did for Bill Robert's short "The Crate" for his Series Beyond the Fringe, used Trapcode Particular for the smoke inside of Adobe After Effects. Watch it HERE.

Bane Star Wars VFX

I was part of JD Buzz's VFX Team for his short Trailer, Star Wars: Darth Bane. JD was the VFX Supervisor/Director, Andrew Nelson was the Line VFX Producer & Keyer/Roto Artist, Denver Mangaoang did 3d Motion Tracking, Christian N Juru was Roto Garbage Matte Artist, Sudip Mondal helped me with some LightSaber work too and I worked on the Light Saber effects and Saber/Actor Roto. Watch it HERE.

Necessary Evil VFX

"Necessary Evil" is a web series by Randy Brososky about Azmodeus, a low-level demon in corporate hell, struggles with the minutiae of office politics, until he gets a phone call that changes everything. Watch the Pilot HERE. I did the set extension to make it look like an infinite office using Photoshop with After effects. My friend Andrew Guardamano helped me get the perspective right in one of the cubicles. I also did an Eye test for the production, hopefully you will see it in the next episodes and more to come.

Predict This VFX

I acted in and helped with VFX for my friend Chris Cowden's "Predict This!", i did muzzle flashes for some of the gun shots and also added light bounces on the actors faces and bodies from the Muzzle flashes by duplicating the footage, adding a mask where the light bouce would be in real life, animated the exposure of the footage for a frame or so.  Watch the full short film HERE.

Primordia VFX

I did the Title animation for Andrew Guardamano's short "Primordia" using After effects and also did motion tracking of the Actress's face to add an infection effect and also used tracking to change Andrew's Vampire Character's eyes. Check our more about it HERE.

MindWave Studios Logo Opener

New Logo Opener for our company MindWave Studios. The tree is the Bristle Cone tree(Methuselah Tree), it was a seed during the building of the Pyramids.

The timelapse footage is from Naotharp. Naotharp's Beautiful time lapse videos
can be bought here:

I did the Motion graphics and with the advice of my Kuya Denver Mangaoang, i made the sky less flat and more
alive with paralax with some compositing.

Used Mikey Borup's POLYTRACE Plugin from CinemaSpice for the Transition.

Stylized MindWave of the original Logo i did, done by Rukmesh Patrudu (Raki) of AlienX Designs

Music by Matthew Chung of ScoreSound Music

Mental Case VFX Gear Removal

VFX Shot from the webseries "Mental Case" created by Brandon Rhiness & Afton Rentz.

Mental Case Facebook:

VFX Gear removal by Jonathan R. Holeton of MindWave Studios

DVD/Blue Ray Covers

DVD/Blue Ray Covers

Some DVD cover art I've done for clients. I can also do some DVD duplication and VHS transfer to DVD but for large amounts I will refer you to other Companies I work with.